Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be very effective if done properly. Below are some tips to help keep you on top of your email campaign game and make sure your campaigns are providing the best results.

  1. Gimmicky subject lines never work! Sticking with a straightforward simple subject line that describes what the email is about is always the best way to go!
  2. Avoid spam filters! A few things spam filters look for are in the subject line are all caps, too many keywords and spammy subject lines.
  3. In order to be successful in an email campaign your clients have to actually get your email in the first place! This means you have to constantly keep and updated and accurate email list.
  4. Check that stats! If your not getting the response you had hoped for make sure you check the bounce rate on your email campaign. A high hard bounce rate can indicate errors in email addresses or no longer active addresses. Also if you receive a soft bounce the recipient may just have their mailbox full or be out of town. These addresses are good to save to try again but keep an eye on them.
  5. Always make sure your company name is visible in the From or Subject line. If recipients can’t tell who the email is from before they open it they might automatically categorize it as Spam.