Email Marketing Benchmarks by Industry [STATS]

Email marketing is a form of communication that is still a viable tool for direct-to-consumer engagements – for most. If you are a marketer that just blasts out emails without knowing if they are successful or not, this post might help! Below are the industry averages (Provided by MailChimp) for email marketing campaigns.


The Truths About Social Shopping & Online Communities

It is time to be honest with yourself. It was once said that your fans will benefit from your brand’s Facebook page just by allowing them to feel connected and unified with an audience. Bull!

Your fans aren’t joining your Facebook page to get kumbaya with each other. (Unless the page is centered around a cause or benefit) They are joining to benefit themselves. Our job, as brand marketers, are to make sure the brand destination is full of elements that will keep them engaged.

In the case of online social shopping, fans are engaged for one purpose only. To get reviews, find discounts and shop. The “community” element has little to no affect on their experience.

Here are some recent statistics that highlight the actions of fans while shopping online.

You can view the entire report by PowerReviews and the e-tailing group here.