A New Photo Editing App That Gives Your Brand a Personality

As brand marketers, we are always looking out for new ways to engage our target demographic and to build a new fan base to convert into customers, advocates and influencers. We find a platform that is being used by the masses and then figure out how we can fit this into our brand story.

We also know that images and media rich content are 10x more engaging then traditional messages. Instagram and Pinterest have been extremely successful in building new fan bases for brands as well as providing a new source of referral traffic to their websites. Pinterest has been found to drive more traffic to your website than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn Combined! But finding ways to keep your brand message and personality interesting can be challenging at times.

In comes, bubbsie! We are obsessed with this concept and have already seen it work for brands like Sugarpova (Maria Sharapova’s new candy line). It allows brands to add in some personality with their photos to then share on their social networks. The app is easy to use – literally a 1,2,3 step to creating brand images that can help drive a direct call to action message or to bring products to life. Here are some ways to incorporate this into your brand strategy.

Personal Messages from Designers

Create that personal connection by adding personal messages by designers directly into your photos.

photo editing app

Engaging Call-to-Actions

Speak directly to your customers through your images. Ask questions, promote products and show your personality.

new itunes app

In-Store call-outs 

Highlight your products in-store to help generate some foot traffic. Encourage people to visit your store via images. Following up with some in-store signage to make the online and offline connection will really drive the message home!

new iphone app