Luxury Daily’s Luxury Women to Watch 2013

It’s official! One of our own has been named one of the 25 women to watch in 2013 by LuxuryDaily. Brittany Mills, BCM’s Director of Client Services, has been titled one who is expected to make a difference in luxury marketing and retail for 2013. Please read the note below from LuxuryDaily and the Editor. You can download the issue here.

Please say hello to Luxury Daily’s inaugural Luxury Women to Watch 2013 list, a celebration of the smart women who are expected to make a difference in luxury marketing and retail in 2013.

The 25 executives who made the cut shared the same qualities: dedication to craft, consumer focus, ambition, leadership poten¬tial, educator and role model. Above all, they are focused on the larger picture and not getting mired in the weeds.

“It sounds so simple, but it takes a lot of courage and conviction to focus the organization on fewer opportunities so you can re¬ally do them well,” said Denise Incandela, chief marketing officer of Saks Fifth Avenue, New York.

Brand stand
Executives on the list represent retailers and brands such as Os¬car de la Renta, L’Oreal, Donna Karan International, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, The Luxury Collection, Fairmont Hotels & Re¬sorts, Leading Hotels of the World, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks.

Also on the list are executives from media, service provid¬ers, market researchers and agencies such as Unity Marketing, Clutch Collective, Siegel + Gale, Women’s Luxury Guild, Social Muse Communications, Digital Luxury Group, The Wall Street Journal, B Culture Media, L2 Think Tank, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Maxmedialab, Lure of Luxe, Morpheus Media, Fondue Mix and iProspect.
To them, luxury is not a job, but a passion.

“This is a field full of strong and powerful women,” said Cannon Hodge, social media manager for Bergdorf Goodman, New York.

Meeting the norms
Picking the honorees was not easy. Luxury Daily invited readers to send in their nominations. The Luxury Daily team also had its own table of candidates.

Once the deadline expired, the Luxury Daily team judged the nominees on their merits and whittled the list to the 25 women who showed the most promise to push the luxury envelope in 2013. All judging was based purely on merit and the potential to make a difference.

The list’s responses to questions confirm their choice. Not only were they enthusiastic about the opportunities in luxury market¬ing and retail, but they were realistic about the challenges of balancing family, travel, work hours, demanding customer base and evolving marketing, retail and technology.

“It is a constant adrenaline rush from the moment I step in the office,” said Andrea Wilson, director of digital strategy and luxury practice lead at iProspect, Fort Worth, TX.

MANY THANKS to Michelle Nance for putting together this Classic Guide. Also, thank you to Tricia Carr and Erin Shea for their nominations and judging as well as the reporting on Luxury Daily.

Please read this guide cover to cover. These Luxury Women to Watch are set to distinguish themselves even further in 2013. Their work is not easy: maintaining the luxury brand’s mystique while adapting to evolving market behavior.

“Luxury marketing is now evolving as quickly as its consumers,” said Daphne Selzer, global brand director at St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, New York.


Urban Air

There are only four states in the US that do not allow billboards: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont. What do these states have in common? Natural beauty. As a member of the advertising/marketing community, I wouldn’t deny considering a billboard as an option for OOH, but sometimes I would like to look at trees or mountains and the like instead of “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Stephen Glassman of Los Angeles came up with an interesting idea that has the support of Summit Media, who volunteered to donate prominent billboards in LA for the first prototype. The idea: create “floating, globally connected urban forests growing where billboards stand.”

Each billboard/eco-system will also be included with a self-sustaining water and lighting system, so once the initial setup is finished, little maintenance is required. Stephen also has experience in participating in large-scale projects in the public realm.

So, if you think this is a good idea and/or live in a major metropolitan area, like Atlanta, LA, Chicago, New York, or Miami, and wouldn’t mind taking a small moment out of your commute home to take a deep breath of “fresh” air, donate $5.00 because I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Find the link to Stephen’s Kickstarter page here. His goal is $100,000 by December 11. As of November 12, they are at $19,288.


Digital Marketing Infographics You Should Know

Every marketer has a Pinterest board or a bookmark with their favorite marketing infographics. Here are a few that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

from mashable







Is Technology and Data Spooky?!

Let’s be real. Technology is getting creepy. It’s the scary teacher from grade school that somehow always knows what you’re doing even when she isn’t even looking at you. It seems to be watching our every click spanning the vast universe of the Internet. Companies are focusing on developing technology that processes all of our data to make inferences that could help them turn us into customers, or more importantly, into advocates for their brand. Recently, a brand we’re all familiar with, Netflix, held a competition that rewarded a million dollars (no one we knew won to note) to the group that could create an algorithm that could create better movie suggestions for their members.

It is becoming more and more noticeable to all of us we know; the advertisements on Facebook are generated by endless data based on your profile and pictures posted. Did you notice if you’re wearing a certain brand or piece of clothing that you’ll somehow get an ad with that same information in it? It’s all about targeting, but that’s almost scary targeting! (They’re watching you)!

We have now a developed generation that focuses on individuality, and this evolution inspires us to publicize ourselves on social platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, among others. The science behind this data as stated above is rapidly growing due to the high demand of how to use it despite how complicated it is. Going back to the Netflix competition, out of the thousands that entered their competition, only two teams were actually able to create algorithms that improved movie suggestions by ten percent. Acquiring data is easy, but making successful inferences from all of that data is the hard part. But even the smallest improvement can make a large difference by using data properly, which is why companies aren’t afraid to invest.

We’ve been thinking about that a lot on our end here at B Culture Media. How can we help the industry understand what to extract, or more importantly, what to put in place to make that extraction of data all the more usable from the get-go? And, how can we help them understand to the ‘T’ what their target audiences’ want so that all those ad monies are spent wisely. We feel it’s a bit like being Beauty from “Beauty and the Beast” and you have all of this amazing food enticing you to “be their guest”, but instead of that cute dancing cake, now it happens to be advertisements for billions of things you can put into practice to give you lots and lots of data…but, at the end of the day, what does that all translate into? Sales? Growth? Advocacy? What are you Mr./Mrs. X Brand actually searching for?

That’s what makes us understand that we’re circling around back to the technology/data days that existed before the Internet craze started. We need to fully understand the depth of a business, what they need to accomplish, and put into place strategies and metrics to ensure that the “cool” marketing recommendations using innovative technology will actually help an entire organization meet their business goals. Big data is useful, spooky targeted ads are useful, but you have to understand first as to why it’s useful and what you want out of it. I mean, of course besides tracking traffic to a website and the numbers of fans on social channels… those are easy!




Mobile technologies have changed drastically in recent years. We have graduated from the colorless flip phone to “smart” devices that are the epitome of present times. Designer Yejin Jeon took the mobile concept and flipped it on its head. What was the end result? The ONE.

ONE is a unique mobile design; a pen shaped device holds a six-inch flexible screen. The flexible touch screen enables the phone to have the same features as the average smartphone.  The pen is designed to be the primary component, holding the microphone, camera and six-inch screen.

Want to keep things simple? Use ONE’s touch screen on the pen to check messages and even make phone calls. Because the speaker, camera and lock feature are on the pen portion, you have a fully functioning phone without the retractable six-inch screen.

This design is truly remarkable – but is this feat possible? It is true that this design could be the solution to many of our mobile woes, due mainly in part to the device’s compact design.  What do you think about this design blueprint? Is the ONE for you?


30 Ways in 30 Days: Sseko Designs


How often have you heard the old phrase “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”? Be it that this popular phrase is totally true, Uganda-based company, Sseko Designs has put a whole new spin on the saying. According to their August campaign, 30 Ways in 30 Days, obviously there’s more than one way to style your sandals.

30 Ways in 30 Days encouraged Sseko sandal owners to share their personal sandal style and learn a few new tricks from others along the way. Women were asked to upload a photo showing off their sandal fashion and share it with the Sseko community. The campaign also featured a contest: each week, one lucky winner won an Exclusive Sseko Style Pack, including a $100 gift card and a mystery gift. Everyone who submitted a picture was rewarded with a 15% discount code, redeemable on the online store. This ‘mystery gift’, an accessories line, was finally revealed after the contest end date and will definitely continue to foster and promote the creative spirit of the brand.

The sandal’s simple design paired with beautiful patterns, shades trendy pedicures guaranteed all entries were unique and original, and now with the launch of an accessories collection, the possibilities are endless. Dubbed by the company as the “ultimate styling competition”, the style campaign put user-generated content at the forefront, allowing individual style to remain the center focus. The sandals are gorgeous but with some creativity and ingenuity – the sandals become an eye-catching fashion statement. Never run out of style inspiration with Sseko Designs’ 30 Ways in 30 Days.