A iPad App That Stops Time #TourneauMinutes

Okay, so it doesn’t really stop time, but you can get lost in this app!

Tourneau, the U.S.’ largest luxury watch retailer, has joined the ranks of some other luxury marketers by creating an exclusive iPad experience for their target market of users. The Tourneau Minutes publication is delivered to customers’ mail boxes in magazine form, but now, is delivered via an app as well.

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Online, Donald McNichol, said, “The strategy behind the app was the editorial content integration into the watch world. It started with the magalog, and then through the iPad app, we could further integrate that storytelling and experience.”

Magalog is code for a magazine-catalog hybrid. App users can explore editorial content, read articles, interact with the watches, and learn more about specific timepieces. Mr. McNichol stated, “Now it is not limited to the one dimension of the print page and brings in more interactivity of the community. It is building a lifestyle community around certain topics”. The most significant words of this statement are interactivity, community and connectivity.

He said, “In the app world, you get great connectivity within the community.” The goal is to develop a niche community where users feel as though they can connect with others, in a way that is stimulating.

With interviews from watch collector William Rohr, several getaways including to Paris and the North and South Poles, and the timing of baseball, users are intertwined in the mix of browsing watches, learning more about them, and reading interesting articles.

Users also can link the App to their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) and post updates directly from the App. The App features 12 different time zones from LA to Hanoi to London.

Download the App from the iTunes store here. What do you think of it? Is there something missing? What is your favorite feature? Have fun with it, and enjoy!


*Disclaimer: The Tourneau Minutes iPad App was developed by B Culture Media.


4 Must-Have Apps For The 2012 Olympic Games

We are only days away from the London 2012 Olympic games as the excitement and anticipation continues to grow.  The 2012 Olympic is filling the streets with buzz – and not just in London. In fact, it is projected that the 2012 Olympic games will be unlike any of the past events due mainly in part to the mobile and social media explosion.  For those of us who were unable to attend spectacle, there are a multitude of ways to ensure we don’t miss out on a single thing.


NBC is connecting viewers to the Olympic events through official webpage, tablet and mobile app (coming soon). The free service offers video highlights, news updates, schedules, photos and results as well as live coverage and streaming. Users can also follow athletes or sporting events to stay informed about choice interests.  The app is expected to be released in early July, just a little under a month before opening ceremony.


Facebook’s dedicated page to the Olympic games has gained a substantial following in a short amount of time. The page features interesting and creative photos from followers all over the world and hosts contests to get all followers into the competitive spirit.

London 2012 Join In App

This “mobile guide” gives downloaders the ability to track the torch as it makes it’s way to the Olympic Stadium. Also get constant updates on different activities and celebrations in and around the London area.

2012 Team USA Road to London

This all-informative app places primary focus on the journey and stories of American Olympic athletes. The Road to London app is free and gives users the option of following Olympic and Paralympic events, athletes, results and news.

So whether you are watching the games from the best stadium seat or your favorite recliner, you can still immerse yourself in the Olympic spirit and experience. Cheer on your favorite teams and athletes and track their progress as the games unfold. Which app are you most excited to use?


Let Social Media Plan Your Next Adventure

It’s the simple things in life that can be the hardest. Have you been dressed up on a Saturday night with nowhere to go and no prospective plans? Timista answers the simple questions: when, where, how many. With a few simple clicks, users are offered suggestions of nearby activities that encourage exploration and social adventure. The app uses 15 different API, taking location and personal preferences and reviews into consideration. The results are presented in grading scale ranking the well-suited activities towards the top of the list.

Unfortunately, this app is presently only available in London metro areas, but due to the overwhelming consumer response, it is possible that the service can develop to be used on a global scale. Timista’s popularity is exploding as users are drawn to the simple design and simple navigation as well as the app’s fantastic suggestions. With such a simple concept, Timista helps you make the most of your time the way you want it.