How Do They Make Money?

With all of the great free web, mobile and social platforms out there, one must ask themselves how do these companies make money? They offer free services, free tools and free communities. Their core mission is to make your web experience better by offering free, collaborative services. Well, we found this great tool to actually answer that question. Click here to explore.



Back-To-School Mobile Fashions

With millions of students heading back to school, lets take a look at school themed phone cases. From favorite toys to your favorite subjects – see how technology, education and creativity collide.

1. Relive your Etch-n-Sketch days with this Iphone case courtesy of iFoolish. Having a dull moment? Flip your mobile to have a full functioning Etch-n-Sketch toy at your fingertips. But put it away before the teacher confiscates it!


2. Never forget those masterpieces you made in art class with this creative Iphone cover. Available on Etsy for around $10, the case is also available in black and white.


3. Kate Spade joins in on the back-to-school craze with this composition IPhone 4 case for $40.00.


4. Getting hungry? Maybe this cover will satisfy those mid day chocolate cravings. Featured on Etsy, this phone cover is perfect for snack time!


5. Make your mobile a dual device with this $20 Etsy retro cover. Flip your phone over for a fully functional calculator – just in time for math class.


6. Stay ahead of the class with this pencil box inspired Iphone cover from Etsy for $15. Never have to borrow another pencil – just a pencil sharpener.


7. This adorable cover is perfect for teachers. Order the customizable cover at Zazzle to express your love for children’s art and your students. The stick figure is also available as a man or woman.

I just realized – school was not this fun when I was growing up.


Solar: Weather App Adding Color to the Forecast


Hollr Inc. takes weather to a whole new level with iOS app, Solar.

The app presents the forecast in an array of vivid colors and animation that is meant to make the user ‘feel’ the conditions. The beautiful color display is the standout feature and lies at the core of Solar’s growing popularity.  It’s easy to find and common to find oneself endlessly staring at the screen.  For a simpler way to get the day’s forecast, Solar also features icons.

Just want to enjoy the app’s color display? No problem. Tap the device to hide text and tap it again for the text to reappear.

Select locations and save them for future reference. With a swipe or double tap, view chosen locations simultaneously or individually. Switching between locations is an ease with Solar.

The app is receiving is picking up a lot of steam in the mobile world but the common complaint is the app’s temperature inaccuracies. But give or a take 10 or so degrees – Hollr, Inc. has set a new standard in terms of app innovation and creativity.


‘Socialympics’ 2012?

With the 2012 London Olympics officially in full swing, the games are the headline of every news source as well as the topic of every conversation. With an estimated 40 million Americans tuning into Opening Ceremony alone, it is pretty evident that we are excited, and ready to cheer on our favorite team as the games get underway. So why are so many spectators agitated with Olympic coverage?

The problem lies with the time delay between social media and actual event airing.   Who really wants to watch preliminary trials when we already know which athlete earned the gold? Many feel that social media is defeating the purpose of actually watching the games and taking the fun out of the Olympic spirit and competition. Social media has become such a wide phenomena that a single piece of information can spread worldwide within minutes. This is great, but for the Olympics – not so much.

So what do we do? With social media dominating our lives how can we shield ourselves from being over informed? Some have decided to forgo social media altogether in efforts of preserving Olympic spirit and spectator experience, while others have just restricted their social media use.

We love social media and the Olympics – just not together.


The Great Survey (AskMen): The Internet Age

AskMen recently polled men in various subjects from drink orders to fashion statements to careers. The Great Male Survey 2012 Edition gives a good insight into the male mind, especially into some aspects of the digital age.

According to AskMen, 79 percent of men still prefer to pursue women face-to-face, but a surprising 21 percent prefer online interactions, a nod to the ever-growing online dating world.

64 percent of those surveyed have a neutral attitude towards technology. Around 48 percent check their emails by the minute, up until lights out. 64 percent check their social feeds first thing in the morning. The poll didn’t ask how many men use Facebook – what’s your guess? Less than 5 percent don’t use or have one at all? Over half of the respondents said that a glance at a potential mate/date’s profile page is the extent of pre-stalking he will do. 47 percent don’t care if their partners are friends with their exes on Facebook, and 55 percent keep exes in their network after a breakup.

10 percent of men surveyed admit to Googling their date’s name pre-date, but word of mouth, and a recommendation from a friend is preferred (49 percent).

18 percent admit to sexting to keep up a woman’s interest, another 18 to spark interest. Don’t worry ladies. 83 percent of men say that they would never share sexts with a friend (17 percent would…).

Last one: “Which social media outlet do you think is the most useless for men?” Answer: Pinterest with 35 percent.


Elevating How You Can be Seen. Heard. Known.

SHK (Seen. Heard. Known.) is a subsidiary project of B Culture Media. The new site that just launched this week,, is a content-rich online magazine, which will be a major differentiator for the agency (and vice versa).

SHK will be another way for the clients on the agency side to be elevated with our main intent to further help the brands we work with become a culture, and also for BCM to become a culture in and of itself as well…

What does that really mean? The term “culture” according to Wikipedia, “in American anthropology had two meanings: (1) the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively; and (2) the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classified and represented their experiences, and acted creatively.”

What we’re trying to accomplish is to make the brands we work with and the “symbols” they’re tied to, be representative of digitally engaging experiences for the world, and also to ensure so that no matter what part of the world a brand’s target audience lives, the way that they’re interacted with becomes a part of their stakeholders lives every day both online and offline.

That is why SHK was born under the direction of Ralph Jovine, CEO of B Culture Media, and SHK’s Editor-in-Chief, Rachel E. Sutton. Sutton says, “I will always love the feeling of holding a magazine in my hands and turning the pages. Regardless, I truly believe that the future of publishing will be delivered at its best via a digital platform. This is why I am so passionate and excited about the launch of SHK, and working under the B Culture Media umbrella to make it a success. Our environment continuously merges creativity with the technology and strategy of today’s marketplace, giving us an advantageous platform to make standout in the world of online editorial.”

SHK will provide a free platform for our agency clients, if the synergy is right, to allow for further promotion whether the goal is to extend brand awareness, directed advertising at our readership, or to support specific campaign initiatives. The B Culture Media team sees this as a great way to bring together those persons that we call “Culture Spotters” (those always vying for what’s hot and what’s now), and truly integrate an entirely different experience by having the agency and online magazine come together in a collaborative effort.  

SHK will cover a multitude of topics including: Fashion, Music, Beauty, Entertainment (film, television, festivals, etc.), Lifestyle (luxury, travel, food, nightlife, etc.), Editorial (direct category to see all self-generated fashion/feature editorials), SHK TV (all vidoes), and Street Style (including nightlife style). All of this is original content designed by the SHK team, with the sharing of ideas and talent with the agency. 

Sutton says, “SHK is inspired by the celebration of today’s ability to merge traditional editorial aesthetics with the quickness of new media. With an online — yet visually driven — platform, plans to penetrate the world of style through fashion, music, beauty, design, entertainment and lifestyle.”

SHK has officially launched on all social channels as well, so please go check us out there, too!