Don’t Get Scammed on Facebook

You’ve probably seen them appear in your news feed. Offers so good, they can’t possibly be real. Or, maybe the old “they’re going to start charging to use Facebook…” Or maybe the shocking celebrity sex tape. OMG! As Facebook now has over 1 billion users, the temptation for criminals, scammers, and hackers will only continue to rise.

On the other hand, companies sometimes do offer great deals or contest entries to win an iPad, so how can you be sure of which is which. A suggestion from The Bulldog Estate, where “we take pride in exposing scams,” double check the retailer’s main website or Facebook page before clicking the offer. If it isn’t there, or there’s no mention of it all: Beware.

Usually, fake celebrity gossip videos turn out to be survey scams, where the user must complete a survey, then can view the alleged shocking tape, only to realize the video doesn’t play. Words like “Shocking” or “OMG” usually are good indicators.

Facebook will be charging for their services if you don’t click here or sign a petition. The gist of this scam has been floating around for years, but people still bite to this day. Instead of threats, like being charged for Facebook, scammers also try sweeter approaches. In September, the website Facecrook, who exposes Facebook scams, reported on a post that offered to change the colors of your Facebook layout. “WOW!!! Hello PINK Facebook!!! Goodbye BLUE Facebook! You can now change your Facebook color to 8 different colors using color changer v1.3 here.”

Odds are if you are skeptical about a news story, offer, or newly updated Facebook feature, it’s best not to click.



Ben & Jerry’s: Wanna Spoon? Facebook App

Wanna spoon? Through Facebook? How is that possible, you ask? Ok, we admit, it’s not the same snuggly sensation you get with your significant other right before you fall asleep or while you’re watching Top Chef, but still, a pretty cool app idea.

To promote Ben & Jerry’s newest addition their menu – Greek frozen yogurt – Amalgamated and Tool of North America created a Facebook App that pairs you with one of your Facebook friends through a specific algorithm based on mutual likes and/or interests in the hopes that you will accept B&J’s coupon to accompany each other to try this new fro-yo. Isn’t that cute? The outcome of the algorithm is unknown to whom they will recommend, or for what reason. It could be someone you met that one St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl three years ago, your friend’s ex-girlfriend, or that one girl you were trying to flirt with, but you’re engaged now: the epitome of Facebook!

The person who the app chooses will receive a notification posted to their timeline announcing this spoon-partnership to the world. Who knows? Maybe that coupon-date could turn out to be your one true love. You never know…

Big spoon or little spoon?