New Brand Partnerships with Someecards – brilliant!

With the never ending desire to produce the next “viral” piece of content – some brands like Home Depot, Clorox and Retailmenot have decided if you can’t beat them, join them!

Someecards has a great model; create hilarious cards that people can instantly share via their favorite social networks. Luckily, it has been extremely successful for them. So successful, that major brands are now creating “partner” cards that are actually funny. Go figure!


I stumbled across a Home Depot partner card on Pinterest and decided to do some digging. Turns out that there are several that have leveraged this partnership, which is a smart move. I am all for partnering with an already successful product/service. Each brand is using it in a different way.

Home Depot has leveraged it in it’s holiday campaign ‘Richard’ which you can see on Tumblr. It is a great combination and a great way to show Richard’s personality.

Richard Home Depto

Clorox is using it to share the reality around when you might need to use their products. It is quite funny and again, fits nicely with the Someecard persona.

Retailmenot is creating some great partner cards to fit with the holiday season.



What are the benefits of a partnership with Someecards? Well, if your cards match the same comedic genius that fans are used to seeing with Someecards, than the possibilities are endless. These cards are some of the most shared images on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. Your brand is attached to a persona and a website that gets viewed daily by many online users in a quest to make their friends laugh by instantly sharing these cards.

The thing to remember though, is to make a connection with your products, but to not be too literall with the quotes. All of the brands in this post are a great example. They make a clear connection to the brand, but are staying true to the Someecard standard. That is key to making sure your cards are as successful as the originals.

I can’t wait to see what brands leverage this partnership next! My guess is that Old Spice is not too far behind.


A New Photo Editing App That Gives Your Brand a Personality

As brand marketers, we are always looking out for new ways to engage our target demographic and to build a new fan base to convert into customers, advocates and influencers. We find a platform that is being used by the masses and then figure out how we can fit this into our brand story.

We also know that images and media rich content are 10x more engaging then traditional messages. Instagram and Pinterest have been extremely successful in building new fan bases for brands as well as providing a new source of referral traffic to their websites. Pinterest has been found to drive more traffic to your website than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn Combined! But finding ways to keep your brand message and personality interesting can be challenging at times.

In comes, bubbsie! We are obsessed with this concept and have already seen it work for brands like Sugarpova (Maria Sharapova’s new candy line). It allows brands to add in some personality with their photos to then share on their social networks. The app is easy to use – literally a 1,2,3 step to creating brand images that can help drive a direct call to action message or to bring products to life. Here are some ways to incorporate this into your brand strategy.

Personal Messages from Designers

Create that personal connection by adding personal messages by designers directly into your photos.

photo editing app

Engaging Call-to-Actions

Speak directly to your customers through your images. Ask questions, promote products and show your personality.

new itunes app

In-Store call-outs 

Highlight your products in-store to help generate some foot traffic. Encourage people to visit your store via images. Following up with some in-store signage to make the online and offline connection will really drive the message home!

new iphone app



Is Technology and Data Spooky?!

Let’s be real. Technology is getting creepy. It’s the scary teacher from grade school that somehow always knows what you’re doing even when she isn’t even looking at you. It seems to be watching our every click spanning the vast universe of the Internet. Companies are focusing on developing technology that processes all of our data to make inferences that could help them turn us into customers, or more importantly, into advocates for their brand. Recently, a brand we’re all familiar with, Netflix, held a competition that rewarded a million dollars (no one we knew won to note) to the group that could create an algorithm that could create better movie suggestions for their members.

It is becoming more and more noticeable to all of us we know; the advertisements on Facebook are generated by endless data based on your profile and pictures posted. Did you notice if you’re wearing a certain brand or piece of clothing that you’ll somehow get an ad with that same information in it? It’s all about targeting, but that’s almost scary targeting! (They’re watching you)!

We have now a developed generation that focuses on individuality, and this evolution inspires us to publicize ourselves on social platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, among others. The science behind this data as stated above is rapidly growing due to the high demand of how to use it despite how complicated it is. Going back to the Netflix competition, out of the thousands that entered their competition, only two teams were actually able to create algorithms that improved movie suggestions by ten percent. Acquiring data is easy, but making successful inferences from all of that data is the hard part. But even the smallest improvement can make a large difference by using data properly, which is why companies aren’t afraid to invest.

We’ve been thinking about that a lot on our end here at B Culture Media. How can we help the industry understand what to extract, or more importantly, what to put in place to make that extraction of data all the more usable from the get-go? And, how can we help them understand to the ‘T’ what their target audiences’ want so that all those ad monies are spent wisely. We feel it’s a bit like being Beauty from “Beauty and the Beast” and you have all of this amazing food enticing you to “be their guest”, but instead of that cute dancing cake, now it happens to be advertisements for billions of things you can put into practice to give you lots and lots of data…but, at the end of the day, what does that all translate into? Sales? Growth? Advocacy? What are you Mr./Mrs. X Brand actually searching for?

That’s what makes us understand that we’re circling around back to the technology/data days that existed before the Internet craze started. We need to fully understand the depth of a business, what they need to accomplish, and put into place strategies and metrics to ensure that the “cool” marketing recommendations using innovative technology will actually help an entire organization meet their business goals. Big data is useful, spooky targeted ads are useful, but you have to understand first as to why it’s useful and what you want out of it. I mean, of course besides tracking traffic to a website and the numbers of fans on social channels… those are easy!



Don’t Get Scammed on Facebook

You’ve probably seen them appear in your news feed. Offers so good, they can’t possibly be real. Or, maybe the old “they’re going to start charging to use Facebook…” Or maybe the shocking celebrity sex tape. OMG! As Facebook now has over 1 billion users, the temptation for criminals, scammers, and hackers will only continue to rise.

On the other hand, companies sometimes do offer great deals or contest entries to win an iPad, so how can you be sure of which is which. A suggestion from The Bulldog Estate, where “we take pride in exposing scams,” double check the retailer’s main website or Facebook page before clicking the offer. If it isn’t there, or there’s no mention of it all: Beware.

Usually, fake celebrity gossip videos turn out to be survey scams, where the user must complete a survey, then can view the alleged shocking tape, only to realize the video doesn’t play. Words like “Shocking” or “OMG” usually are good indicators.

Facebook will be charging for their services if you don’t click here or sign a petition. The gist of this scam has been floating around for years, but people still bite to this day. Instead of threats, like being charged for Facebook, scammers also try sweeter approaches. In September, the website Facecrook, who exposes Facebook scams, reported on a post that offered to change the colors of your Facebook layout. “WOW!!! Hello PINK Facebook!!! Goodbye BLUE Facebook! You can now change your Facebook color to 8 different colors using color changer v1.3 here.”

Odds are if you are skeptical about a news story, offer, or newly updated Facebook feature, it’s best not to click.


6 Tips for Improved Twitter Experience

Twitter is taking the social media world by storm with no signs of slowing down in the future. As flocks of media heads join Twitter daily, staying afloat amidst a sea of tweeters requires more effort. Here are a few tips to help take your account to the next level:

1. Announce to existing networks of your recent transition to Twitter using existing social media platforms. Post a Facebook status making friends aware of your social endeavors and invite them to follow along and join in. Who’s better in supporting your than your existing and loyal connections?

2. Be in the right space, talking to and with the right people. Put yourself in a Twitter space that is well suited to your industry, personal interests, and/or goals. The point is to create and maintain connections with like-minded individuals and groups in hopes of increasing reach and influence. Try to only follow accounts that lead you in the right direction.

3. #Hashtags are key. Know what’s happening with popular and trending hashtags is vital. Use hashtags to join in to top conversations, ultimately increasing your social visibility. Know of an interesting topic that will immediately cause a buzz? Create a hashtag. As more people catch on, more people are introduced to your account.

4. Tweet and retweet everyone. From Fortune 500 CEOs to the next-door neighbor; if the information or statement is legitimate and authentic, share it! Interact with individuals on all levels. Take an active approach and watch your account come alive. Tweeters are more likely to promote your account if they know you will support them in return.

5. Content is king. Keep your audience interested by posting great content, specifically photos. Research shows that tweets have higher rate of activity with an image attached. Refrain from repetitive information and exhausted trends opting for something more original.

Which leads to the final yet most important tip:

6. Be 100% genuine. Profiles are proven to be more attractive when tweets and information are unadulterated. In this social world, it is important to come off as personable and genuine. Robotic jargon comes off as extremely suspicious and will likely cause many to question the validity of you and your account. Refrain from repetitive and exhausted information.

Use these steps to improve your overall Twitter experience and come to really appreciate the site, and the connections that it creates. Being in the right space and speaking to the right people about the right things are the basic elements necessary to building a great account. Stop the endless chatter and unlock your full Twitter potential today. The effort is definitely worth the results.