How To Get Actionable Insights From Your Social Media Analytics

If you are stuck in a rut of getting report after report of numbers and charts, with no way to translate and make any sense out of it…this post is for you!

I was there too, don’t feel bad. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of social measurements that can be taken and the KPI’s that are available for measurement. What is missing however, is something that can take all of that and turn it into business intelligence. Something that you can take and apply to all of your competitors to see how your brand stacks up. Something that will give you insight into your social marketing initiatives and help you decide which creative to put on the homepage to get the most social sharing or which product to highlight in your next email blast to your database.

So, being frustrated with this problem, I’ve decided to burry myself in a solution. I pulled a whole team together at BCM and after weeks of trial and error, we finally came up with a tool that can help you and your team make educated business decisions for the future based on your current positioning. Introducing the CultureCard ™.

The CultureCard ™ is a scoring tool that can be used for your brand(s) internally or to get a baseline of where you stand against your competitors. We created a proprietary algorithm that is composed of five KPIs (key performance indicators) and 27 indicators. The weighted average of each KPI is determined by you and set across all brands being measured. Once your brand goes through the algorithm, your score is generated and placed in our scoring index.

Here are some ways you could leverage the CultureCard ™ for your brand: 

1. To create a social report that company executives can understand!

2. A comprehensive competitive analysis

3. Quarterly review for your marketing initiatives

4. Social Activation baseline report to see where you are starting off and where you can improve

5. Campaign measuring

6. Holiday/Seasonal reporting

7. Which internal brand has the most engagement? The possibilities are endless here – once you have that information you can levergage it for other marketing initiatives – Homepage creative, commercial creative, messaging, cross promotional decisions, etc.

8. Who is the best celebrity to endorse my brand? This would be done by running a CultureCard ™ on the celebrities that are in the running to see where they all stand and why!

9. Yes, you have a fan base, so what? Are they engaging?

10. Are you on the right platforms?

11. Do you have a good base of  influencers compared to your competitors?

We just released our first CultureCard ™ with the CultureScore ™ of top luxury hotels to see how they stack up against one another. You can view it here.

To get more information on our CultureCard ™, please email me – Stay tuned for more CultureCard ™ releases – your brand might be included!