Top 3 Reasons to Check Out Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool

As some of you may know Google Anaytics has recently added a Social Reporting Tool to their dashboard. While some of the features of the Social Tool include the same information you could find previously in Google Analytics (with a little digging) but there are a couple features that are worth checking out.

1. Activity Stream

The activity stream is a cool feature that lets you see what content your fans are sharing on Social. It shows the URL, what action was taken (+1, like, bookmark, etc) and on what social network. The only downside is that the stream only takes into account Google’s Data Hub Partners, which do not include Twitter and Facebook.

2. Conversions

Conversions help you see how your social media efforts are directly affecting your goals and objectives. After you have set up goals in Google Analytics you can track how many conversions and the monetary value associated with those conversions your social efforts are producing. The social tool breaks down conversions as assisted or last interaction. An assisted conversion take place when the user visits the website, leaves without converting and then goes back at a different time and converts. A last interaction occurs when the user visits the site AND converts during the same visit.

3. Social Visitor Flow

This feature is great for visual people. It shows which social site the visitor got to the website from and their path of navigation through the website once on it.  This feature also shows where visitors are dropping off from your site. This feature is great for understanding which social platform drives the most traffic to your site as well as the most engaging pages on your site.

Hopefully these new features are only the beginning of Google Analytics Social Tools!