Mobile technologies have changed drastically in recent years. We have graduated from the colorless flip phone to “smart” devices that are the epitome of present times. Designer Yejin Jeon took the mobile concept and flipped it on its head. What was the end result? The ONE.

ONE is a unique mobile design; a pen shaped device holds a six-inch flexible screen. The flexible touch screen enables the phone to have the same features as the average smartphone.  The pen is designed to be the primary component, holding the microphone, camera and six-inch screen.

Want to keep things simple? Use ONE’s touch screen on the pen to check messages and even make phone calls. Because the speaker, camera and lock feature are on the pen portion, you have a fully functioning phone without the retractable six-inch screen.

This design is truly remarkable – but is this feat possible? It is true that this design could be the solution to many of our mobile woes, due mainly in part to the device’s compact design.  What do you think about this design blueprint? Is the ONE for you?



Brands & Facebook Engagement

As thousands of businesses flock to Facebook, marketers are left with the question “How do I increase the number of page likes?”. For starters, the name of the game is basic: Interaction. But here are a few ways to really engage your fan base on Facebook.

Facebook is a two-way conversation between the brand the audience. Facebook is a portal to create lasting relationships between businesses and their audience therefore it is essential that businesses listen to what their audience is saying in order to satisfy their experience and keep them coming back for more. Audience feedback is constructive criticism in disguise – so don’t avoid it, instead take advantage.

Recognize your fans, individually and collectively. Everyone appreciates appreciation and fans should know their voice and perspective are valued. Have user-generated content that showcases individual fans or post exclusive offers and discounts to specific groups or areas.

Ask questions.You get to know someone by asking him or her questions about themselves. The same goes for social media; ask fans simple questions to get the conversation started. Encourage shared stories and content to really nurture brand community and cohesiveness.  Keep questions simple and straightforward to get more response.

Respond immediately. Do it now. Procrastination can become the #1 downfall of brand – so let’s not become a victim. Show your audience base that you are dependable and reliable all the time, with prompt responses.

Host a contest. Contests are a guaranteed way for brands to expand and maintain their audience base and overall business. The key to contests is the prize: Offer contestants a great, high-quality, high-demand prize or product that will get people talking and vying for the opportunity to own it.

Interact. Interact. Interact. Be active in brand Facebook pages to amplify your reach and influence.