New Brand Partnerships with Someecards – brilliant!

With the never ending desire to produce the next “viral” piece of content – some brands like Home Depot, Clorox and Retailmenot have decided if you can’t beat them, join them!

Someecards has a great model; create hilarious cards that people can instantly share via their favorite social networks. Luckily, it has been extremely successful for them. So successful, that major brands are now creating “partner” cards that are actually funny. Go figure!


I stumbled across a Home Depot partner card on Pinterest and decided to do some digging. Turns out that there are several that have leveraged this partnership, which is a smart move. I am all for partnering with an already successful product/service. Each brand is using it in a different way.

Home Depot has leveraged it in it’s holiday campaign ‘Richard’ which you can see on Tumblr. It is a great combination and a great way to show Richard’s personality.

Richard Home Depto

Clorox is using it to share the reality around when you might need to use their products. It is quite funny and again, fits nicely with the Someecard persona.

Retailmenot is creating some great partner cards to fit with the holiday season.



What are the benefits of a partnership with Someecards? Well, if your cards match the same comedic genius that fans are used to seeing with Someecards, than the possibilities are endless. These cards are some of the most shared images on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. Your brand is attached to a persona and a website that gets viewed daily by many online users in a quest to make their friends laugh by instantly sharing these cards.

The thing to remember though, is to make a connection with your products, but to not be too literall with the quotes. All of the brands in this post are a great example. They make a clear connection to the brand, but are staying true to the Someecard standard. That is key to making sure your cards are as successful as the originals.

I can’t wait to see what brands leverage this partnership next! My guess is that Old Spice is not too far behind.