How Your Favorite Brands Are Using Pinterest

Pinterest is busting at the seams. It is transforming how people bookmark, share and brag about everything under the sun. Pinterest has made it very simple to “grab” things from the web and to pin it to a board that represents and interest you. It takes the best of Stumble Upon, Digg, Facebook and Flickr and has combined it all into one platform.

So now it is here, and you can bet that a good portion of your customers are on it. What does that mean for you and your brand?

It means you need to adopt this new platform, but understand how you will use it to benefit you. You can view a recent post of mine, HOW TO: Use Pinterest for Your Brand to figure out how to get started and to explore the possibilities.

Below are my favorite examples of how brands are putting this tool to use for them.

Glamour Magazine (Glamourmag)

They do a great job of making the boards relevant and useful to the users. They also show their style and fashion expertise with boards like: Trends We Love, Dream Closet and Gift Guide for Men. They also keep it light and fun with boards like: Sparkly Things and Bunnies We Love (not sure exactly what the relevance is to their magazine but it works for them).

Women’s Health Magazine (WomensHealthMag)

Again, the boards created are useful to the same demographic as their readers. By creating boards that mimic topics and sections in their magazine, like Healthy Recipes, it allows them to put a mention in their magazine to “Pin” this recipe to your board. They now have captured their print readers digitally and can expose the advocates of their magazines virtually.

Nike Running (athleticswest)

My favorite board on this page is the RUNS WE LOVE board. They are stepping away from showing their products and doing a good job of highlighting the lifestyle that encompasses the NIKE runner. It highlights images from photographers (mostly found on Tumblr blogs) that capture “good runs.” I am not an avid runner, but after viewing their page, I want to purchase a pair of the sneakers shown in their Women’s Shoes board and start running! Mission accomplished!

Remember, make sure you have a purpose behind your Pinterest boards and capture the voice of your brand through the images you pin. Don’t push your product too much, but do add it in there to track traffic from this new platform to your site.

TIP: Make sure you download the “Pin It” feature to your toolbar so you can capture the products directly from your site to pull into your boards. This way they will link back to your e-commerce site for easy purchasing.