Simple Digital Tricks: Blogging and How to Boost SEO Efforts

This is a quick blog to give up and coming companies a few simple tricks that can greatly help and absolutely lend towards the effort for your organization to increase your organic placement through using keywords in creative ways. SEO is still a very important tool to help reach marketing goals.

The first tip here is to remember that your blog is more than a flow of words and cool data. Overall, it helps immensely with your placement through organic search and helps SEO! Once you know what the top keywords are for your industry/company, and where your focal points should be from that perspective (adhering to your SEO strategy), it’s essential to keep those prime keywords incorporated into your content daily. And, blogs are a great way to help boost those efforts, here are a few tricks as to how to do that:

Keyword placement

Starting with a strong keyword strategy for your SEO plans, one trick for the trade is that the blog can be set up to actually repeat those keywords you want to target. It can be relative in titles, in names; you can change the URL names, and of course getting into the Technorati tags as well (we won’t get too deep into that here)….

Linking efforts

Writing content to be more search-engine-friendly is a better route to take and the effect can lead to more traffic, which is a great tip so you can skew your blog in titles and in the body of what your linking out to and incorporating into the actual content.

Remember that a little can go a long way

Long, lengthy blog posts do not have to be the way that your team does it every time. The blog can be short tidbits of information, a little blurb and a link to a new video… And, don’t forget depending upon what kind of blog software you’re using you can actually write your blogs in advance and have it post in days or weeks to come, and then incorporate those pinpointed keywords that you’re overall SEO strategist is focusing on, and bam, you have a great recipe adding a little sugar to your site!

Updating blog content frequently

The more you post, the more that the spiders crawling sites finds your site. At the end of the day, the spiders find you enough, the more content you have, and the more frequently you can get added into the schedule of returns. It helps when your pages get indexed more often the new pages of content you write will show up all the faster.

So, these are just a few tricks to help your overarching SEO plan and some things that can help on a daily basis. Cheers and here’s to all the bloggers in the world!

For more information from other industry SEO/blogging leaders, please see this whitepaper:


Natalie B. Dold

Headline “Cheat-Sheet”

I am fascinated by the psychological aspect of marketing. What makes a person buy, click and share? Your content and messaging is what triggers them first. It is what holds your entire campaign together – the voice of your brand. With that said, I thought that these little tips for headline writing might be something worth sharing!

I hope that this will be helpful in your blogging/online writing endeavors.

Thanks to, below is a list of the top headline phrases to use to get the most out of your “stories.”

1. The Shocking Truth About _______

example: The Shocking Truth About Facebook

2. xx Lies That You ________

example: 10 Lies That Advertisers Want You To Think

3. xx Things That _________

example: 5 Things Your Campaign Must Have

4. How To: _________

example: How To Connect With Your Fans

5. Shortcuts!

example: Five Shortcuts to Your Reporting

6. Do You Make These _______

example: Do You Make These Errors When Writing?

7. xx Mistakes You _______

example: 11 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

8. Top 10 _________

example: Top 10 Rules for Engagement


STATISTICS: What You Need to Know About Your Audience

The Social Habit II (The Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Study 2011) was released last week by Tom Webster, Vice President, Strategy of Edison Research.

It covered a wide range of new media and Internet marketing results. We have highlighted some of the most important for you to know, in our opinion.


56% of frequent social network users own smartphones, and 64%of frequent social networks have used a mobile phone to update their status on one or more social networks.


One in four social network users knowingly follow brands, products or services on social networks. For those who use these sites and services several times per day, this figure increases to 43%.

-Amongst those who do follow brands, products or companies on social networks, 80% indicate that Facebook is the network that they use the most to connect with companies.


-Nearly a quarter of social network users indicated that Facebook is the social site or service that most influences their buying decisions.

The Social Habit 2011 by Edison Research

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Source: The Social Habit II: The Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Study 2011