Meet the BCM bloggers!

Brittany Mills – Director of Client Services (@BCulture_Britt)

Brittany is always finding ways to enhance a brand story and connecting that with a specific business objective and goal. It is a challenge that she is always up for. Being so close to BCM’s clients and their needs, you can usually catch her blogging tips on how to create marketing strategies, marketing ROI and social media. You can also find her frequent commentary on Luxury Daily’s daily articles.

Courtney Byrd – Digital Account Coordinator (@BCulture_CourtB)

Courtney is an app queen! She is always discovering new apps and can tell which ones will be successful from a mile away. Working closely with BCM’s fashion clients, she is on-top of the latest in innovative social solutions and loves to blog about them. You will find her blogs in almost every category that you browse on BNoted.

Matt Chamberlain – Digital Account Coordinator (@BCulture_Matt)

Matt is inspired by unique art and innovative sites. He also has a fantastic way of engaging with our clients’ audiences online and truly becoming the ‘voice of the brand.” Matt is an innovative thinker and contributes to BNoted by covering anything that catches his attention. Our favorite blogs from him are in our social media section!

Natalie B. Dold – Dir., Business Development/Solutions Architect  (@natbdold)

Nat always has that thinking cap on. What’s next? What’s new? Where should we be in the future? How can we be ahead of the game so we’re not seen as the same as everyone else in the marketing world?  All of these questions come from being a strategy-based, high-level thinker and while also being a lover of writing…clearly contributing to BNoted is a perfect match!



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