An Example of True Creativity

We know true talent when we see it! Jeremiah McDonald has shown his creative capabilities with his latest video, A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition. 

We are inspired and entertained to say the least. Enjoy!



A Creative Way To Announce Reaching 100,000 Facebook Fans

When Vodafone Ireland reached 100,000 Facebook fans and 20,000 Twitter followers, they wanted to show their appreciation in a unique way. The result, the video below. Enjoy!


The Power of Video… Through the Eyes of a Video Editor

As all seasoned marketers know, video has become a very powerful tool that has given brands an edge. We’ve all heard that “a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000 words”, and with that sentiment it’s essential to understand that there is a creative process that needs to go into those videos to make it worth while for a brand’s target audiences to engage with, and, first and foremost, worth the while for the marketing dollars that are spent creating those experiences.


We interviewed an up and coming editor in the industry, Mark Viglione, who works for a post facility in Manhattan that works with clients like Nickelodeon developing broadcast spots, as well as working with other brands developing video for web properties and/or social channels.


Q.  Mark, what do you think is the key to developing a great story through video?

A. “When I work with my broadcast clients, like Nickelodeon for example, sometimes I have to work through anywhere from 1-10 hours of footage (or more sometimes), and my job is to fill in the blanks. In the entertainment world, a key to their marketing is the development of promos for their programs (so think movie trailer), and when I develop these with them, I have to get engrained into the story myself. I think that’s really the key. For example, if I have to do a Spongebob promo, I watch the program, get a feel for what the VO really hits, and then my own creativity has to flow from there. The key is to capture the essence of who the target audiences are, and how I think it [the promo] will relate to them in the best way possible.  My humor isn’t going to be the same as a 14-year old boy who watches Spongebob, for example, so I have to put my ego (or self) away and put their shoes on.


Now, if I am developing a video for a digital property like a sizzle reel for our marketing agency or something like that, I move with music to tell the story. I find a piece of awesome music and literally cut the footage I have (and/or I create) to feature the best work we’ve done for our clients, with only a minute to do so. It has to move at a very fast pace, and with the main goal in mind to get that “wow” factor out of people.”


Q. Do you see the entertainment industry changing the way they do promos for their own programming due to social media’s impact on broadcast media?


A. “Yes, definitely. The most obvious attribute is that most end pages now have a URL on it, and every network has a website or social channel that they’re directing viewers to. Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. especially, creates a ton of games on their site to engage the young viewers, and they’ll use their major characters (like Dora the Explorer) to really tell that story, and now we’re bringing in CTAs mentioning tablets, computers, smartphones… the game has changed a lot in that sense.”

Q. What would you tell a younger girl or guy coming out of college and wanting to be a video editor, what kinds of storytelling skills should they start developing now?


A.  “I think that a person has an inherent style to storytelling, such as; comedy, drama, musical themes, etc., and the key is to be able to find what you need in footage or in an episode and hone in on all of those innate storytelling elements a person possesses. So, it’s about getting synced with all of those great storytelling moments in the assets you’re working with (in the fastest way possible if you’re on tight deadlines), and then getting them into a creative package encompassing about 10-20 seconds. That is really all the time you have in a promo to get the rockin’ points out there and get the target audiences engaged and listening in the best way possible.”