Digital Marketing Infographics You Should Know

Every marketer has a Pinterest board or a bookmark with their favorite marketing infographics. Here are a few that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

from mashable








How Do They Make Money?

With all of the great free web, mobile and social platforms out there, one must ask themselves how do these companies make money? They offer free services, free tools and free communities. Their core mission is to make your web experience better by offering free, collaborative services. Well, we found this great tool to actually answer that question. Click here to explore.



Why You Need To Pay Attention to Mobile

It is important to not only have a strategy around your social media presence for your brand, but how that is going to impact your fans on the mobile front. More than likely, 80% of your audience is engaging with your brand(s) from a mobile device. Do you have a strategy around how to leverage that “on-the-go” engagement and what the impact is going to be?

They folks at Trinity put this lovely infographic together to represent the power of mobile!

The rise of Mobile – An infographic by the team at Trinity Digital Marketing


The World’s Most Social Landmarks According to Facebook

Since a significant number of people often use Facebook to not only share their status updates but post their location the company decided to dig into the data and discover the top landmarks worldwide. After measuring check-ins in 25 cities Facebook was able to come up a list that included the below:

-7 sports stadiums/arenas

-6 public areas: squares/avenues/parks/gardens

-2 amusement parks

-2 concert arenas

-2 shopping centers/malls

You can read Facebook’s full analysis of the data here.