Rethinking The Mobile App “Walkthrough”

A tutorial of how to use your app should be in a clearly identified place that can be visited at any time by the user. By adding a “walkthrough” upon start-up/log-in, you are already making the user think that your app is more difficult than it really is.

Halftone is a great example of an app that does it right. They offer a “how-to” section and a video within the app to explain the usage. Props to Halftone for keeping it simple!

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Underwater Homes: The Preservation of Sea Life

Rapid changes in climate and natural phenomenas have many worried about global warming. Much thought and consideration is given to landmasses and the atmosphere, but what about our friends in the deep blue? For centuries, the coral reefs have offered protection for many sea creatures, but with global warming in full effect, much of the reef has been decimated.

Jason deCaires Taylor has taken a proactive stance on this matter by designing underwater homes for sea life. These intricate cement homes offer everything that coral reefs once offered sea creatures: protection and a secure habitat. Taylor put a lot of effort into the structure’s design, making the homes habitable for many species. The cement material is “coral friendly” meaning that coral will eventually cover the surface, somewhat restoring what has been lost.

Taylor is an innovative whose ingenious tactics and executions is jaw dropping. What do you think about this interesting approach to the preservation of sea life? See more of the project on


Urban Air

There are only four states in the US that do not allow billboards: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont. What do these states have in common? Natural beauty. As a member of the advertising/marketing community, I wouldn’t deny considering a billboard as an option for OOH, but sometimes I would like to look at trees or mountains and the like instead of “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Stephen Glassman of Los Angeles came up with an interesting idea that has the support of Summit Media, who volunteered to donate prominent billboards in LA for the first prototype. The idea: create “floating, globally connected urban forests growing where billboards stand.”

Each billboard/eco-system will also be included with a self-sustaining water and lighting system, so once the initial setup is finished, little maintenance is required. Stephen also has experience in participating in large-scale projects in the public realm.

So, if you think this is a good idea and/or live in a major metropolitan area, like Atlanta, LA, Chicago, New York, or Miami, and wouldn’t mind taking a small moment out of your commute home to take a deep breath of “fresh” air, donate $5.00 because I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Find the link to Stephen’s Kickstarter page here. His goal is $100,000 by December 11. As of November 12, they are at $19,288.


Would You “Like-A-Hug”?

What’s better than logging into Facebook, to discover that there’s a new message in your inbox, or a dozen friend requests waiting for your approval? Social media has become an integral part of our lives, something that we literally thrive on.  But what would you think if the social media craze turned physical?

A project by designer Melissa Kit Chow, does just this. The “Like-A-Hug” jacket combines Facebook, design and fashion, creating a groundbreaking piece. Let’s say someone likes your recent post about cute cat hats; for every comment or like the jacket inflates, giving the person wearing it a “hug”. Did you just receive a “hug?” With a simple hugging gesture – send the hug back to the person who sent it to you.

Ideas like this take social media communication to the next level. Rather than just reading comments from your loved ones, get hugs that really show their feelings and affection for you. The future of social media and technology is still a mystery but thanks to Chow’s “Like-A-Hug” we know warm hugs and fuzzy things are in store.


Visual Enhancements for Twitter

Twitter just announced it’s latest update to a users profile. This one is another visual enhancement, allowing a user to add a custom header, much like Facebook’s timeline “cover” image.

How does this help your brand page? It allows you to get creative with your messages!

Take a look at the new design. Update yours by going to your Settings –> Design.

Brittany Mills