Underwater Homes: The Preservation of Sea Life

Rapid changes in climate and natural phenomenas have many worried about global warming. Much thought and consideration is given to landmasses and the atmosphere, but what about our friends in the deep blue? For centuries, the coral reefs have offered protection for many sea creatures, but with global warming in full effect, much of the reef has been decimated.

Jason deCaires Taylor has taken a proactive stance on this matter by designing underwater homes for sea life. These intricate cement homes offer everything that coral reefs once offered sea creatures: protection and a secure habitat. Taylor put a lot of effort into the structure’s design, making the homes habitable for many species. The cement material is “coral friendly” meaning that coral will eventually cover the surface, somewhat restoring what has been lost.

Taylor is an innovative whose ingenious tactics and executions is jaw dropping. What do you think about this interesting approach to the preservation of sea life? See more of the project on Dornob.com.


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