Who Said Press Releases Can’t Have POP?

Kellogg’s Press Release

There is certainly a pun used here, and definitely meant to be one! Sure, press releases have been around for how long (Wikipedia says the first one was written and sent out onto the “wire” in 1906- First Press Release – Wikipedia), but how have they evolved over time?

Above is a great example of what press releases can look like today. Who says they have to be dry and boring giving only facts. Instead, they can POP (again, pun- intended) like this example above from Kellogg’s and their infamous POP Tart (we all loved them as kids, admit it). They can integrate video, look creative, and can include other exciting ways to speak to your target audiences.

Building on the B Culture Media’s brand storytelling knowledge base, this is really where innovation happens. When you take something like a press release and turn it into a powerful brand storytelling medium using things you’d never traditionally think should be incorporated.

This kind of press release isn’t new by any means (not like this just came out yesterday), but it’s always good to get back to roots and examine how things can be done at a very basic level. Last thing that should happen is for brands to get in a rut doing the same things they’ve always done “just because”…

Another great POPPING press release: DIY Network Landscaping Press Release


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