Goodbye Content Creation, Welcome Content Curation

Spoken by Pete Cashmore, one of, if not the, trendsetter within the digital world. Along with his other predictions and vision of the future of the digital world that he shared at this years #mashcon, he brought up a very good point that got me thinking – our job as marketers and brand storytellers goes beyond creating a good story from within, it is capturing the consumers story from the outside and bringing it in. In turn, changing the way a brand tells their story everyday, whether they like it or not!

We have been telling our clients that we have to listen to what our customers are saying, react in real-time, find new ways to communicate. However, we have to make sure we are not ignoring the one thing that keeps this conversation going – the story that the audience is telling.  The bigger picture. The true way that the conversation gets told again and again.

You can not continue to create content within – the nature of social media and platforms that we communicate with is to give your audience a voice and to let them engage with your brand.

Forward thinking brands will find ways to make that conversation their new story.

Here are some tips to help you generate fresh, curated content for your brand to enhance your brand story.

  1. User generated content contests – brands are starting to use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to gather curated content to re-purpose for brand content. Tie in a reward to get the “quiet” ones in your audience to finally speak up.
  2. Ask questions – Instead of posting your new line, post an image of the product and ask fans how they would wear it. Fans love to share their story – this is a way you can let them share while still talking about your product/service.
  3. Tell your fans that you are listening – provide hashtags for people to share images with your brand. What are you eating/drinking today? Tell us at #hashtagofyourchoice. I would recommend leveraging Instagram for this type of engagement.

Brands that are fully engaged with their audiences online and through digital communication are faced with this evolution and the smart brands and marketers are prepared for the change.


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